Monday, December 18, 2006

V-Dub Signing

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Why not have a blog? Everyone else has one, and why should Jack Jock be any different? Jack Jock has the privilege to put his thoughts on a website just like Joe Schmuck from Lower Left Ankle, Saskatchewan. So on with the blog...

Vernon Wells officially signs
his contract today, making him the 6th richest man in Major League Baseball today... even though his new contract does not take effect until the 2008 season, and V-Dub makes his fortune beginning in 2010. SO let the hate mail begin funneling through.... Why hate mail, because everyone will claim that no man is worth this amount of money. Not to mention that the Jays STILL need a 3rd or a 4th spot starter (Depending on your thoughts of Gustavo Chacin). Interesting thought. V-Dubs, best season is undoubtedly 2003, he hit .317 with 33HR, and 117RBI. In his 5 years being with the big club in Toronto, he has a .287AVG, 28HR and 97RBI, not to mention that he is also a great doubles hitter. 200 of 933 career hits are two baggers alone. If your wondering Lyle Overbay is still the two bagger machine of the Blue Jays (Interesting choice of words).

If the Blue Jays did not resign this man then what were they going to do? Did they increase their 2007 payroll by signing V-Dub? No. Were they able to back load the contract so they have flexibility? Yes. Did the Jays get the pitcher they needed? No. Are they a better team by signing Wells? Maybe. Was this signing necessary? Yes.

For years I have been saying press the eject button on the J.P. Riccardi era in Toronto. But I have to applaud him for this signing. He was able to get accomplished what needed to be done not only for the team to win, but to keep the fans happy.
How many games would you attend this year if Vernon Wells was not in the lineup? or would you only attend when the Texas Rangers came to town with signs reading "THANK YOU VERNON!" The more fans that come out to the games, the more 'spirit' that the fans display, the more money that is given back to Ted Rogers, the more money the Blue Jays will have to put back into the payroll. Don't think that it will not happen. Rogers lost Millions last year in what was the best gate receipts total since the 1998 season. Despite losing this money, Rogers increases the payroll. We do not know to what amount. but by the signings already taken place, it is between $8-15 Million. Pretty good raise for a 2nd place team.

The one thing about this is that I think this is the first MLB player that I can respect. Vernon said it himself, He went to the Jays with this $ figure. The Lee deal was inked, Soriano said goodbye to the Nationals, and yet V-Dubs figure did not go up. He is loyal. He gave the Blue Jays the benefit of the doubt. And the Blue Jays said 'Thank you, here is your contract."

The Jays still need a pitcher and they have some 'wiggle' room, as J.P. likes to say, to accomplish this feat. You never know if Josh Towers will bounce back and have a 11-10 season, or if Taubenheim, Janssen, or Marcum will break through and have a 8-12 or a 10-10 (wishful thinking) season. If Towers and an extra would have been able to reach that this year, can you say Wild Card? But thems the breaks. And you can only look forward, not backwards. upwards not downwards, and always twirling twirling twirling towards freedom... somehow that doesn't fully apply.

The bottom line of the Wells signing is this, there is a greater chance for a winning team, a winning city, and Fans who love to go to the Rogers Centre to watch V-Dub, Doc, Ryan, Burnett, Overbay, Glaus, Rios and the host of others. And the more winning can lead to more players waiving a No-Trade clause to come to Toronto, or attract the next big Free-Agent to this great city. That itself is worth the price tag of Vernon Wells.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're into two-baggers Jack Jock:D
Youre so focused on sports...i bet you even dream about reaching third base with all of the blue jays...especially "V-Dubs"...which Im sure means Double the Vaseline in your books:D

Later man...lookin forward to your next blog!

Anonymous said...

What is the point of this blog? it serves no purpose other then to show your ignorance and stupidity. heres some advice: 1. Jump off a cliff. 2. You go to seneca college, kind of pathetic. 3. Your an absolute moron if you think V- dub is a nickname. your not maverik from top gun, so don't be informal and refer to someone who you don't know, nor probably gives two shits of what ou think.